Student ID Card


Student ID Card & Smart Card

  1. For new students entering each academic year, the school will make a card for every student.
  2. In case of a lost student card, contact the administration department to request a new card and pay the fee for issuing a new card.
  3. Always show your student card in school.
  4. This card can be used as a student card/cash card/library card/school accident insurance card.
  5. Show your card every time before entering the exam room and use services in school
  6. Students will have a cash card when attending school. A fee will be paid for using the card.  
  7. Cash cards can only be used within Srisuvit School to pay for food/goods, and services

Parent ID

  1. For students who are picked up by their parents, a card will be made for parents, 1 student per 1 card. The photo on the student card must be the same person who picks up the student.  
  2. Show your card every time you pick up students to verify your information and exchange it for a student out-of-school permit card at service point
  3. In case of a lost student admission card, contact or write a request for a new card. and pay issuance fees at the administrative department

Using a school bus to pick up and send students

The school provides student transportation services covering all routes. A service fee applies according to the distance traveled in the delivery of the student. The school considers the safety of students as a priority.  

In notifying the need of the shuttle service for the first time, or to change the pick-up location, parents must inform the administration department or school shop, at least one day in advance, to fill in the details of the boarding-down location.