Intensive Programme




IP was developed, for students in Primary grade 1 thru High school grade 6 by studying and analyzing the basic education core curriculum, in order to achieve greater learning efficiency. Covering the English skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing (The 4 Skills), English courses are taught by qualified foreign teachers (Native Speakers). The identity of the school is inserted through experiences and learning groups in various activities. Integrates knowledge in each field to develop problem-solving skills. The program develops the key 7Q skills through activities, imagination, technology learning, and the development of self-help abilities and social skills as a whole. It also strengthens the ability to adapt to changing situations creatively and happily, Suitable for the potential and age of the individual students.

Program focus

Emphasis on English language skills and communication technology in primary through high school levels

Teaching management

The teaching and learning of English in the Intensive Program (IP) in primary, secondary and high school levels is as follows:

  1. Organization of the learning process with a focus on learners, to promote the readiness of classrooms suitable for learning in the digital age.
  2. There is systematic teaching and assessment of students, using the Brain-Based Learning process to continuously develop skills both inside and outside the classroom.
  3. Classroom activities such as Conversation, Listening Time, Grammar Learning, Reading, and Writing Skills
  4. Modern technology development, learning computer programming (Basic Programing) via Kid Bright IDE
  5. Enhance student skills by competing in various activities like Impromptu Speech, Story Telling, and Multi Skills Competition.
  6. Develop STEM-integrated teaching and learning activities to help foster inspirational learning. Create knowledge individually, and apply it in real life. The teaching and learning process emphasizes that students can practice independently, solve problems, design, and think further to create new innovations.


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