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Welcome to the job application website at Srisuvit School. We invite you to get to know us before making the decision to join us, as a professional, in a large private school in the eastern part of Thailand. Srisuvit School is a private educational institution that manages education in the form of formal schooling. We manage education according to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education at various levels, including the Pre-primary level. (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten), Elementary level, and the Secondary level (junior high school and high school). Every teacher has an important role and every student, who has studied at Srisuvit School, has knowledge be proud of and cultivates good experiences until graduation.

You are the right person

Srisuvit School aims to be the first choice of students and people with experience, knowledge, and the ability to attend the event. We want to be an important part of strengthening the stability and progress of the country's education system, by providing opportunities for talented people, good people, and those who have ideals and ethics in line with the common values of Srisuvit School.

If these ideals match your commitment, congratulations! You are the person we need.

Someone who has played an important role in the development of education

  • Want to contribute to giving back to society and the nation
  • Do challenging work, show your full potential and make yourself proud
  • Work with others with knowledge, ability, and expertise.
  • Work with a stable, modern organization that places importance on developing your potential
  • Have a stable career path

Srisuvit School has a wide range of job placements that can meet all your needs.

Early childhood teacher, science teacher, or math teacher.

Social studies teacher, Thai language teacher, or Foreign language teacher

Compensation and welfare

Srisuvit School offers compensation to personnel fairly and in accordance with international standards. We take into account the duties, responsibilities, and abilities of personnel. Including being at a competitive level with other leading schools and providing health and welfare benefits appropriately and consistently with current economic and social conditions

In addition, Srisuvit School believes that family is the foundation of a person's happiness. Therefore, it promotes a perfect balance between work, social, and family life, by providing additional welfare and benefits for the children of our personnel. Working life at Srisuwich School will give you an experience beyond expectations. Working at Srisuwit School … “Here… Pride is the highest compensation.”

Good working relationships and atmosphere

Srisuvit School encourages personnel to have a work-life balance and to work with happiness as if they were in the same family. Focused on strengthening relationships and creating a good working atmosphere. Regularly organizing activities aimed at strengthening good relations between the schools and personnel; seminar activities and annual work. There are many activities that help people to enhance their physical and mental health. Srisuvit provides a place to exercise as well as promotes a good working environment, with a workplace fully equipped with equipment and modern technology.